Wills | Estates | disputes | Elder law | Family Law 

O'ROURKE & ASSOCIATES is a progressive boutique law firm located in contemporary offices in Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

O'ROURKE & ASSOCIATES purpose is the provision of legal services in the areas of wills, estates, disputes and elder Law. 

O'ROURKE & ASSOCIATES WILLS are up to date and modern. We provide all types of Wills from simple Wills to testamentary or protective trusts at an affordable cost. 

O'ROURKE & ASSOCIATESESTATES will seek Probate or Letters of Administration for your estate when the time comes and assist your Executor or Administrator in the administration of your estate. 


O'ROURKE & ASSOCIATESDISPUTES can contest or defend a Will.

​O'ROURKE & ASSOCIATES ELDER provides enduring Powers of Attorney (to manage your financial and legal affairs) and enduring Guardians to (manage your lifestyle, medical and dental affairs) in case of loss of capacity during your lifetime.